Announcement: Tell Your Friends About SmartMix!
By Smartmix / 13.01.2019 03:01 h

Launched in January 2018, SmartMix has made a name for itself among the most popular Bitcoin mixers. Like other mixing services, SmartMix makes Bitcoin transactions untraceable by mixing incoming Bitcoins sent through its platform with random coins from a reserve pool before sending them back out, breaking the continuity of the transaction chain. At the end of the trade it is impossible to know the origin of any coin coming out. What sets SmartMix apart is the combination of helpful features, low fees, top-notch anonymity, and commitment to user experience.


Today, we at SmartMix are happy to announce our new referral program! Now, users can earn commissions by referring others to use our service. Join the program to receive a unique personal referral link to share, and start earning .25% of all mixes competed via your link. There's no maximum, and commissions can be withdrawn once they reach .002 BTC. SmartMix recognizes the need for user privacy, so no personal information or email address is ever required to participate in the referral program. Join today!