Bitcoin Regulation Is Coming: How To Stay Ahead
By Smartmix / 29.12.2018 10:12 h

The conflict between cheering for new bitcoin adoption while dreading attempts at government regulation is familiar to every bitcoin user. Emerging regulation proposals worldwide are a daily headline on every cryptocurrency news platform, even as large financial institutions look for ways to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their operations. As the international spotlight on Bitcoin grows and brings new opportunities, so does governmental scrutiny.

Despite its grand rise and fall of 2018, bitcoin isn't going to disappear anytime soon, and government regulators are taking this into account by creating laws to monitor and tax bitcoin holdings. In order to protect your wealth and privacy from new regulatory frameworks worldwide, you need to take steps to assure your online anonymity when you make bitcoin transactions.

Despite the hope that bitcoin could finally cut out the middlemen of banks and governments from our finances, the truth is that many bitcoin investors want large institutions to adopt cryptocurrencies.  The main reason for this is because investors believe that the value of bitcoin will climb significantly once banks and other governing bodies give their regulatory approval. While you may benefit from rising bitcoin prices brought by increased adoption, you also need to stay ahead of the regulations if you want to preserve your assets.

Using a bitcoin blender can help assure that your real identity never gets connected to the coins you hold. Adding this simple and secure step to your transaction procedure whenever you want to send or receive bitcoins keeps you anonymous and ahead of the game long before regulations are enforceable, so you can enjoy rising prices with peace of mind. Don't get caught with your assets on the line, be smart and use a bitcoin mixer like